Full Size SUV Rental

A full size SUV rental allows you to ride and enjoy the luxury of a powerful and spacious vehicle at little cost without the responsibility of owning it. With a rented SUV, you do not have to put your personal vehicle at risk of wear and tear on long and arduous journey while getting more power, control and flexibility. SUVs basically come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The full sized models have a large cargo area, can carry up to 8 passengers and are power-packed with powerful engines that can handle any on or off-road conditions.

Benefits of a full size SUV rental

Ample space

A full size SUV will allow for more people and accompanying luggage than most standard vehicles. About seven people can comfortably be accommodated apart from the luggage which can be loaded in the rear as well. The best part about this is that you can full load the vehicle without having to compromise on pick up and speed. You can carry heavier loads with you, which otherwise would be difficult with your regular city vehicle. You can cover distances faster, get through difficult terrain in almost any remote place without any problems.

Off Road Driving

If you love nature and want to drive in difficult off road terrain such as shallow rivers, or go camping into the wild, then an SUV is the best idea. Most SUV’s are fully off road capable and can be very good in difficult areas where other vehicles are rendered less useful.

Save your personal vehicle

With a full size SUV rental, your personal car or automobile can be spared unfriendly roads, terrain and weather during the trip. If you take your personal vehicle it will suffer from the wear and tear, which can affect it’s longevity. Thus an SUV rental would be perfect as you can return it to the rental service when the trip ends and get back into your personal vehicle. It can save you the expenses on maintenance and repair that can be quite costly.

Speed, power and control

A full size SUV gives you the advantages of speed, power and control, which is a great combination in any given situation, whether it is camping in the wilderness or just a long journey. You can use the extra power when you find the freeway, to go up a steep and rocky hill, or keep the vehicle under control on slippery ground. Most of these vehicles also come with premium features such as; cruise control, premium audio systems, remote power locks and other such facilities that make it fully equipped for your trips. Most of them are also fitted with two air conditioners (front and rear).


The four-wheel drive and traction control system used in most SUV’s gives more control and flexibility in terrain. You can avoid getting stuck and keep moving despite obstacles or rough terrain. Not only does the size of these vehicles give you a feeling of safety, the height also allows for better visibility over a wider area.

Renting an SUV

To find a cheap full size SUV rental service, you must explore your options by research several dealers or agencies that are in your area. This can save you money and make sure that you are getting the best vehicle for the cost. You can research prices by calling the rental agencies, visiting their websites or by visiting their dealership. Do not just pick something on your first visit; compare features and charges and don’t be afraid to find another company until you are satisfied.

When you collect your full size SUV rental car it is important to carefully read the conditions of use before you sign the rental agreement. You will also need to present a valid drivers license and credit card before you are allowed to take possession of your vehicle.