One Way SUV Rental

Some Things to Consider when taking a One Way SUV Rental

If you need to get from one place to another and don’t have your own car, renting one can be an option. In fact, there are specific services which offer one way SUV rental and rental of other types of cars. You can pick up the car at one station, drive to your destination, and then find a drop-off point for the rental agency where you can leave the car or SUV at.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on a one way SUV rental service. These are; roadside assistance services, mileage bonuses, and available drop-off points. When you pick a rental agency, it is especially important to consider these three factors, among others.

Roadside Assistance

Whenever you are traveling somewhere in a car, there is a potential for accidents. These can be especially devastating with rental vehicles. If you happen to have a blowout or some type of engine trouble, having roadside assistance can save your sanity. Many good rental agencies offer this service, and it should definitely be a factor when picking a rental company for SUVs or other types of vehicles.

Mileage Bonuses and Limits

Mileage bonuses are also important to consider. Sometimes rental agencies will give you a set number of free miles before they charge you. If you are traveling a long way, free miles never hurt. Where one way SUV rental is concerned, having free miles can be a huge benefit, as SUVs tend to get fairly poor mileage for their gas usage. However, they may often be the only option for those who need to travel with several people. If you are traveling a particularly long way it is a good idea to search for a company offering unlimited mileage SUV rentals.

Drop-off Points

Finally, the drop-off points for your destination are important. If a rental agency doesn’t have a convenient drop-off location, it may be wiser to choose a different rental service. Some agencies also have key drop-off boxes where you can return the keys to the vehicle if you must do so after the drop-off point has closed for the day.

Ultimately, it is important to research specific rental companies before renting an SUV for business purposes or if you plan to move to another state. Knowing what roadside assistance services, mileage offerings, and drop-off locations are available for your rental company of choice is vital. It never hurts to look at what customer reviews of the service are, as well. These will give you some insight as to how good the company’s pricing and quality of service is.